Jewish Family Education

Jewish Family Education is about providing opportunities for inter-generational learning, and creating memories for the next generation. Originating in America, Jewish Family Education even had a faculty in the University of Judaism (now the American Jewish University) in California, and in the early 1990s the entire faculty was invited to Limmud in order to promote the concept in the United Kingdom.

The growth of the Jewish day school movement has meant that in some communities there is a gap between what the children learn and can do in the school, and what happens in the home – especially if parents do not have the confidence nor the experience to be able to fully provide Jewish experiences in the home; quality Jewish Family Education programmes provide the skills and experiences required in order to promote good practice, but also explore Jewish culture through art, music, drama and food.

Eureka Cove has enabled Jewish Family Education to provide sponsored programmes and activities in schools, Synagogues and communities, all you need is an idea and to make a contact with Laurie Rosenberg, Community Liaison.